Appreciation for my Akashic Records + Astrology coaching & healing work:


"I was referred to Milada by a friend of mine who had a reading with her and raved about that experience.  In January 2013 I went for my own astrological chart and Akashic Records reading.

First of all, Milada had no way of knowing about me, but was giving me such information through her reading that immediately established my trust towards her higher knowledge.  Everything that I was told thereafter made sense to me not only logically, but on an emotional level as well.  I was given an idea about my soul's higher purpose which put things into perspective and allowed to let go of the resistance, which is always a beneficial outcome, in my point of view.  After the reading I had a feeling of empowerment and a felling that there is a "divine design" to my life and everything will be good in the end.  

Milada left an impression on me of a genuinely kind person and an authentic conscientious soul that is working for the sources of Light."


Have you ever experienced meeting someone new, yet feeling a strong connection with them?

That is what meeting Milada for the first time felt like. She exudes a calmness and soul-level knowing about you that is reminiscent of reuniting with a long lost friend.  Except this friend can tell you things about your soul and path that others cannot!

I was truly lucky in that I received a reading as part of an event I attended. 

Milada not only accurately spoke to my characteristics (made sense of the two signs that I was born under!) but also shared where I was heading in my life and what I needed to examine as part of my journey in this world. She is gifted with insight and a way of sharing the information that serves to guide you in future decisions.

If you are thinking about getting a reading, don't hesitate, it is truly so worth it!

Thank you Milada-you are an earth angel.


Veronica Kvassetskaia, Visual artist -

"Who am I and what do I want? It's the most important question in our life.

My experience with Milada Sakic was absolutely unique and unforgettable. Her deep knowledge and expertise in astrology along with her reading of Akashic Records shifted my beliefs and decision-making attitude. Many questions were answered, situations discussed and problems solved.

Milada's path is to help people to enjoy their life journey, to show the way of wisdom, to feel the pure spirit of soul creation and development of "who we are".
She is practicing a very contemporary way of teaching in our new age times – it's like a discovery."

With thanks,

Veronica Kvassetskaia

Aya T. Stolnits,

"I am thankful to meet a really talented, bright and very intelligent spiritual guide. I was looking for the right level of help for a very long time. Milada is a very gifted guide and beautiful lady. I trust her skills and her vision. I love her polite attitude.  She is very respectful and very careful with her clients.

I was happy to recommend Milada's sessions to some of my students and friends. All of them were absolutely amazed and thankful to work with such a charming guide.

I am sure you'll be happier and much more relaxed after the meeting. With universal love, Aya"

Inna Troubetskaia

"Knowing and working with Milada has changed my life in many different ways.  I was always looking for the answers about how to be happy and how to change the day-to-day life to be more balanced and successful.  I couldn't understand why I felt so lost and powerless, even when I was doing everything at my  best.  I was talking about my concerns to my friend and she suggested that I meet with Milada for a session.

Before  I met Milada I had no knowledge about  Akashic Records and how it could be applied in my life.  I had no idea what to expect from the first session and how it would go.  What  we discussed and was revealed to me during the meeting opened a different world  for me.  I found out that Milada is an astrologer and an Akashic Records reader. 

She had clear understanding of my issues and was able to give me real solutions about how to change my life. Milada has a fantastic ability to uncover an issue and help you resolve it and give you guidance about how to achieve your personal growth. 

As a result of working with Milada my career, relationships, and spiritual life improved.  I have been achieving my goals.  I no longer feel lost and miserable in my life. 

I am a much happier person now."

Anuta Filursky, Realtor

"The first time I came to see Milada I did not know what to expect. And immediately I was blown away by so many things. One that Milada was so warm and open and also that I had a strong feeling that there is more out there then just me in this life. There is guidance and love and protection and answers out there for anything and everything we need.

Milada is a great connection, if I may say, between the question and the answer, between our material life and the esoteric, our inner and outer universe. And when the whole world opens up, then there is no more fear or doubt or sorrow. There is only love and purpose and understanding.

Everyone must come and experience those magical readings.

Milada, thank you very much."


"When my dear friend and adviser Ron Bippus knew that he was about to transition, he gave me Milada.  Ron said that she's his best student and knows exactly how his own mind works.  As always, our beloved Ron is right. 

Milada not only has the technical expertise that benefits her clients, but also the compassion and loving kindness that make a reading with her extraordinary. 

I treasure Milada's insights, as much as I value her guidance."

Viv Moore

"I was lucky when I happened upon Milada in Trinity Bellwoods Park when she was giving 20 minute readings.  I received such soul affirming information which was totally meaningful. She is astute, intuitive, friendly and spot on in terms of accuracy and information that made complete sense for me.

I will be going back for a longer reading."

Appreciation for my Astrology work + teaching:

Robin Armstrong, Professional Astrologer & President of RASA School of Astrology

"Milada is an excellent astrologer. She studied from Ron Bippus and carried on his teachings after his passing. She is an excellent astrologer and prominent through her activities in the CAAE. She is seemingly tireless and enthusiastic.

It has been a blessing to have worked with her. I recommend Milada Sakic without any hesitation or reserve.

She is knowledgeable, perceptive, inspired and efficient!"

Aza Kharebov

"As a long time Astrology student I have completed almost all the CAAE diploma requirements except for Horary/Electional Astrology course. After dropping couple of times from Horary classes – found the subject too complicated – I finally took the course with Milada and succeeded at last!

Thank you, Milada, for being such an inspiring teacher, for your encouragement and for making very complex subject clear and obvious.

Looking forward to learn Intermediate/Advanced Horary concepts with you."

Michelle Suzanne, Soul Centred Astrologer

"When I began studying beginner horary techniques with Milada, my hope was to cement and ground some of the basic knowledge I had already acquired, so that I could integrate horary astrology into my everyday life and practice.

Knowing that Milada is passionate about the value of horary techniques, I knew that she would provide an enthusiastic and detailed learning experience - and I was not disappointed.

The rich storehouse of information I have accrued, thanks to Milada, has deepened and enriched my love of the Cosmos and our interconnectedness with it. I have also gained the confidence I sought to apply horary techniques in my personal life and my professional practice.

Thank you so much, Milada!"

Gabriele Schwarz

"Dearest Teacher Milada,

I have been studying Astrology for the past 3-4 years and to be honest I was somewhat disappointed. I had expected far more decisiveness from the process. Then came Horary....WOW ....I found my way.

I feel Horary would best be served as the foundation or platform of Astrological Education. Everything would have made much more sense to me and I would have been less frustrated had Horary been one of my first classes. In any case I am happy to report I am no longer disappointed or frustrated. 

I look forward to your intermediate and advanced classes that you plan on teaching.

You are fabulous Milada, no other words can describe you and your teaching methods. I hope we all don't have to wait too long for the next step in Horary.

All the best to you Milada and I hope to see you again soon."

Dianne Stathopoulos

"Thank you so much Milada for being such an awesome teacher.

You taught me so much about astrology that exceeded any prior expectations I may have had.

Taking Horary/ Electional with you was enjoyable and extremely insightful.

I am looking forward to the advanced Horary course when you offer it in the near future.

Blessings until we meet again."

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