My Journey

My Journey to Astrology & Eastern Mysticism

“I consider astrology a powerful self-realization tool...and the greatest intellectual and critical thinking exercise there is.”

I began my own path to self-realization captivated by the beautiful symbolical language of astrology at a young age.  I researched a wealth of metaphysical subjects while studying Eastern mysticism, Vedic philosophy, Sanskrit and devotional music.  I also wrote and published some of my poetry work and essays coincidentally shortly after discovering astrology as a powerful self-realization tool at age 16.

Since I can remember, I have always intensively searched for answers to our soul's purpose and meaning of life.  The study of astrology had given me a holistic and analytical approach coupled by spiritual insight like no other discipline had. However, my curiosity about meaning of cycles of life and death, human suffering and evolutionary lessons we came to master in this life, continually deepened.

In December 2009, a dear teacher and mentor, Ron Bippus, asked me to take over the teaching of Horary & Electional Astrology work as he was dealing with a life-altering and inevitable diagnosis.  I am indebted to him for the support, guidance, wisdom and teaching he passed on to me and most of all for his trust in my abilities to not only carry on his teaching but potentially further this complex astrological discipline after his transition.

My Journey to Akashic Records

“Working and healing in your Akashic Records is the deepest level of soul-level healing available to you.”

In 2008 I discovered a gentle healing power of Reiki and shortly after completing my Reiki – Level 1 certification, I was guided to the powerful healing modality - Akashic Records. It came into my life exactly when I started wondering about how to most effectively stay connected to my own inner guidance and also help others in one session - by not just providing a wealth of information based on their birth chart, but also help them make an energetic shift towards achieving more wholeness. 

Jennifer Longmore, North America's Soul Purpose Expert and a leading expert on Akashic Records, showed me the way - the Soul Journeys® Method of Akashic Records Consultations.  I quickly learned how working and healing in your Akashic Records is the deepest level of soul-level healing available to us.

I am blessed beyond measure for having being introduced to this powerful healing modality with infinite healing potential and have been guided to start teaching the method to others as well as of September 2013. (See Akashic Records Certification – Level 1)

My hope is that every individual gains knowledge and confidence to consistently access the inner wisdom, as well as a holistic understanding of our inter-connectedness with nature and the entire macrocosms.  In this way we are powerfully guided + empowered to achieve a greater wellbeing and alignment with Who We Truly Are, thus contributing to planetary healing & raising of collective consciousness.


Together with my husband Almir and two children Alma & Dino, I have been a resident of Toronto, Canada since 1996. Back home in Sarajevo, Bosnia my father is a devoted Vedic Astrologer.

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