Karmic Astrology 101

NEW 12-week online group course starting June-September 2017!
*Learn how to read your chart from an empowering + evolutionary perspective (this course includes Astrology 101)*
Do you desire to understand + apply the empowering cosmic language of astrology in order to align your healing and manifesting activities, plans, and projects, with your true self as well as the ebb and flow of the natural and planetary cycles?
Ready to get clear on your sacred gifts and purpose on Earth, your unique contribution to the world and how to align with your inner being for more harmony, fulfilment, and satisfaction in life?
In this course, you will be learning the key principles of karmic astrology, how to better understand your stunningly quirky self, your karmic lessons, pre-birth agreements, and specific goals for this lifetime. 
You will be gaining practical wisdom from your unique astrology chart as a self-realization tool that provides a map to achieving wholeness, embracing your full potential, and fulfilling your destiny.
If you are a healer, astrology lover, spiritual mentor, holistic wellness teacher, author and/or creative visionary who is looking to gain more clarity and confidence, as well as have more fun in your life and business while being who you truly are – this is for you!
Join us for this transformational 12-week online course, plus the exclusive Facebook group membership that includes weekly e-coaching starting June 20, 2017 (priceless)!
Course Prerequisite:  No prerequisites (no prior knowledge of astrology is necessary)

When:  June 20-September 17, 2017, via weekly webinar classes, plus Facebook Live Q&A Tuesdays at 12 pm Eastern

(additional dates/times may be periodically scheduled for FB Live Q&A, if necessary to accommodate the needs and the size of the group)
How:  The course includes 12 pre-recorded weekly Facebook/Zoom webinar classes PLUS a valuable Facebook Live Q&A every Tuesday 12 pm ET including mini readings and weekly e-coaching in the exclusive private Facebook group until September 2017
Where:  Virtual – from the comfort of your home by a private Facebook Group, Facebook Live and Zoom webinar (all resources and discussions will be saved and accessible through the group)
Cost:  CAD $197 @ only 5 of 15 spots remaining
20% off for Astrology Constellation members = CAD $157 (enter special discount code:  constellation20)
50% off for Astrology for Business members = CAD $99 (enter special discount code: business50)

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What you will receive:
·      12 pre-recorded weekly webinars with visuals, slides, charts, and templates
·      Weekly Facebook Live Video Q&A and relevant case studies to help you integrate learning (including case studies of students’ own charts who may volunteer their birth info during the course)
This online class is an amazing opportunity to receive weekly mini readings by yours truly at a fraction of the cost of working with me 1:1, including both course-learning related and your birth-chart related questions.

What we will cover:
  • Birth/natal chart energetics (the twelve sign archetypes, elements, modalities, planets, houses, planetary aspects, planetary and sign rulerships)
  • Astrology glyphs, keywords, and cosmic language practical interpretation tools
  • Sun-Moon-Ascendant Alignment (how to nurture your Moon, energize your Sun, channel your Rising Sign most effectively)
  • Karmic astrology concepts (soul, free will, karmic soul contracts)
  • Your past-life story, and how to effectively work with the energy of the karmic planets, houses, and the lunar nodes to accelerate growth
  • What you need to do to fulfill your purpose and release karmic patterns of self-sabotage, frantic busy being, self-deprivation, victimhood, self-doubting servitude, and anxious stagnation that slow you down and keep you in distraction and struggle
  • Aligned money and business channels based on your natal chart
  • Greatest growth opportunity and your evolutionary goals for this lifetime and what you are here to create, release, and master with more ease and joy
  • Course templates that will help you identify your karmic lessons, key soul contracts, soul purpose, areas of greatest growth in this lifetime, and more!

CAD $197 @ 5 of 15 spots remaining only 

CAD $157, Astrology Constellation Members 20% off

CAD $99, Astrology for Business members 50% off


Milada Sakic - Astrology

VIP astrology student offer for private readings with Milada, valid ONLY WITH Karmic Astrology 101 e-course purchase: 
CAD $147 for one 60-minute individual intuitive coaching virtual private session (Astrological/Akashic Records reading, recorded)
CAD $347 for a package of 3 sessions (all recordings provided for your future reference)

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